In Memory of Frank “Scoop”Vessels III
Scoop Vessels “At Vessels Stallion Farm, we put everything to the horse sale.   We are always thinking about the Equine Sale...   We try to treat the bloodlines correctly; bloodlines that may not be fashionable at the time but it is lineage and patterns that I like because they always tend to jump back into fashion,”
Frank “Scoop”Vessels III
August ‘09 PCQHRA Newsletter
“I am a huge believer in passion in anything that you do.   You need to have passion for anything you are involved in, whether it is racing off-road cars or breeding horses – otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels, going through an exercise.   You know if you have a passion for something or not.   If you can’t stay away from it, you probably have a passion.”
Frank “Scoop”Vessels III
2003 Galbreath Award Acceptance Speech
at the University of Louisville
Scoop hugging FDD Dynasty

Los Alamitos Race Course Owner Edward C. Allred
on Frank “Scoop”Vessels III

Frank “Scoop”Vessels will always be an icon in the Quarter Horse racing industry. He was a friend and a great business partner.

I will always respect his love for racing and I had a great deal of admiration for the man that he grew up to be.   He was a man of ideas and always looking forward to helping improve the sport of Quarter Horse racing.

The Los Alamitos Equine Sale was part of this dedication.   He was passionate about this sale and I was honored to work alongside him in this endeavor.   The passing of Scoop will be hard for Quarter Horse racing not only in California but also nationally to overcome.There could not be a person in this sport more significant in terms of ability, background and family heritage.   Vessels Stallion Farm has been the dominant source of Quarter Horse racing bloodlines for many years and we depend on their racing stock.

Above and beyond that, Scoop was devoted to this sport and the horses.   He spent his life working in the production and promotion of fine horses.   We will have to dig deep to overcome, survive and thrive as a sport without him.   It will be a difficult task, but with the cooperation of our horsemen Los Alamitos Race Course will carry on the great tradition of the Vessels family.