Dear Valued Customer,

In order for the sale company to make timely payments to our consigners, we urge you to take the necessary procedures to have your funds in order before the sale. If you plan to pay by personal check you must submit a credit application to the PCQHRA office and be pre approved prior to the sale. THE CASHIER’S OFFICE WILL HAVE A SPECIAL AREA FOR ALL PRE APPROVED BUYERS. You can obtain a credit application by calling (714) 236-1755 or by downloading. Any horse(s) that are not paid in full by completion of sale will be resold or held until payment is received in full. If the horse(s) are held the buyer is then responsible for all cost on any unpaid horse(s).

Credit Cards will not be accepted.

The sales company thanks you for your attention regarding this matter and looks forward to another outstanding sale.


Los Alamitos Equine Sale Management

Purchasing At Auction

Buying horses through an auction is one of the most popular avenues of purchasing. It also is one of the most exhilarating aspects of the horse business. Imagine a horse race where bets are taken up to the finish line. A fictitious race of that type is similar to an auction where prospective bidders duel with one another over the horse of their choice.

Several thousand horses are sold each year through auctions. Various types of auctions are held, the most popular of which are yearling sales and mixed stock sales. Yearling sales are exclusively for horses which are one year of age, while mixed stock sales feature broodmares and other horses of various ages. For individuals in the horse industry, particularly persons just entering the sport, an auction can be the best source from which to purchase. Normally the choices of horses are plentiful and are available for a wide range of prices. However, like any business venture, a sound game plan based on much research and preparation is essential. Some helpful guidelines are as follows:

Do Your Home Work

Begin educating yourself about the horse business. Structured avenues exist in the industry through which to study husbandry, nutrition, genetics and breeding management, but the true aspects of this business are basically self-taught. Various trade publications will provide you with much of the information you need to get started.These trade journals publish upcoming sale dates in their calendar of events.Various sale companies also advertise their upcoming sales in the publications, describing the type of sale and posting sale dates.

Check Out The Sale Company

Seek an auction company that holds a valued place in public trust. Industry advertisers and specialists can guide you to these reputable companies.

Study The Catalog

The sales catalog is considered the "Bible" for all prospective bidders attending an auction. Contained in each catalog are the sale conditions, the legal terms that govern purchases. In addition, a page is published for each horse offered. This page is much like the provenance on a painting or a prospectus on a stock offering. It identifies the animal, the consignor and provides extensive details about the relatives of each horse offered.

Seeking The Advice Of Experts

Choose an adviser who will focus on the goals you have established for your horse business. A reputable adviser will help to avoid costly mistakes that a novice often makes. A veterinarian with knowledge of the horse business as well as equine medical expertise is an ideal adviser. Depending on the size of your operation, having a team of advisers to help properly guide you may be beneficial.

Attend An Auction And Observe

It is essential to get a sense of how the market is behaving.The auction is in effect the most reliable barometer, charting the highs and lows of current conditions. Reading the price list will tell you the final results. However, it will not reflect the competition, interest and demand for a particular lot.

Get Familiar With Auction Terms And Conditions

The fever of a good auction can bring out the high roller lurking in all of us.Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the terms and conditions of an auction prior to bidding.These terms and conditions dictate the rule "you bid for it, you pay for it." The successful bid is irrevocable and legally binding. So, if you are the firsttime buyer whose arm seems to have a mind of its own, your purchases might be costly ones, if you have not done your homework. As all successful people in business realize, you must look before you leap. Many other shrewd investments have been purchased through the auction ring. Of course, there have been some lucky buys, but many of the best have been the result of thorough research and foresight. The broodmare Harems Choice, with her seven day-old foal at side, proved to be an outstanding find for $20,000. Her foal, later named Royal Quick Dash, went on to win the 1991 All American Futurity, thus increasing Harems Choice's value considerably.The 1999 three-year-old champion Old Habits was purchased as a yearling for $18,500 and by the completion of his second year of racing he had earned more than $672,000.

Tax Tips

The American Horse Council can provide you with tax tips for horse owners. Contact the AHC for your copy or to purchase a copy of the Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook.